CCC camp "Big News" to Community

I spent a little time at the Jefferson County Historical Society in Oskaloosa, KS on Saturday looking for details concerning the establishment of a camp in that county. An announcement in one of the local papers expresses a common sentiment to the pending establishment of a CCC camp nearby.

From the Oskaloosa Independent, April 25, 1935:

"Announcement from Washington that Jefferson County is on the list for a CCC soil erosion camp is one of the biggest pieces of news for the farmers of this county since the beginning of the New Deal."

Eventually this camp housed Co. 1763 of junior enrollees who worked on various soil conservation projects in the area. Interestingly, the location of this camp was on the Curry farm north of Oskaloosa, the boyhood home of famed regionalist artist John Steuart Curry. The home has since been moved to the grounds of the Jefferson County Historical Society in Oskaloosa where it houses a collection of Curry memorabilia.

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